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Not really. Before the earlier post, I was working on an authentication/authorization routine for an app i am testing. Then i found out that it just had been already made...

I guess the 'roadmap' is just something similar to the general roadmaps of the Apache projects to guide users about what may be expected later from the framework. It can also be presented to one's superiors as a justification for the 'direction' or 'sustainability' of a framework and would make it more acceptable to them. I am in the process of having this framework approved for use in the company I work for. And it just would be more compelling if a 'roadmap' could be pointed out to them, sort of saying "... these are also the things the Mentawai people are also working on ... on the model-side, the view-side, controller... report writer.... data access... integration with... etc...". Anyway, it was just a suggestion.... Thanks.
Do you have any roadmap for Mentawai features that are aspired to be implemented in the future? Thanks.
// *****
<mtw:select name="employee"
// ****

Yes andredlorme right. In another variation (above), what is
used in the select box (employee) come from a list of employee objects (employeeList). However what is displayed (labelProperty) are the 'employeeNames' while
the value that will be sent (propertyValue) is the employeeId. In other frameworks, like Struts, this could also be dynamically be provided with a pre-selected value in a setup or prior action (unfortunately using an actionForm).

What actually gives me difficulty in <mtw:select... > is in the 'propertyValue' the property to be used I should be able to define or choose.


wow! thanks for the update.

another, if you don't mind.

in one of your examples:

<mtw:select name="gender" list="genders"/>

Is there a way where genders could be an arraylist taken from the db? I understand 'genders' in the example comes from a static file (properties). Also, can there be a way to make it something like

<mtw:select name="gender"

I guess I have a Struts hangover.... but at least the above's an improvement over the ff. Struts

<html:select property="employee">
<html:options collection="employeeList"

Meanwhile, I have used JSTL to implement the above in combo with Metawai.



Your framework shows a lot of promise.

i am testing your framework in an app that requires the use of the response object (HttpServletResponse). The response object is used by the report writer used by the app. Can you suggest how the response object can be accessed?


Profile for gorel -> Messages posted by gorel [7]
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