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I opened up one of my applications.

I created the following bean:

final public class AccountTestBean {
private String accountNum;
private String balance;
public AccountTestBean(){}
public String getAccountNum(){return accountNum;}
public String getBalance(){return balance;}
public void setAccountNum(String value){accountNum = value;}
public void setBalance(String value){balance = value;}

and this bean:

final public class UserTestBean {
private String firstName;
private String lastName;
private List<AccountTestBean> accounts;
public UserTestBean(){}
public String getFirstName(){return firstName;}
public String getLastName(){return lastName;}
public List getAccounts(){return accounts;}
public void setFirstName(String value){firstName = value;}
public void setLastName(String value){lastName = value;}
public void setAccounts(List value){accounts = value;}

I put the following at the end of one of my Actions (ShowCodesAction.java):

UserTestBean user = new UserTestBean();
AccountTestBean account = new AccountTestBean();
List<AccountTestBean> accounts = new LinkedList();

Here is the section from my ApplicationManager:

ActionConfig ac = new ActionConfig("/ShowCodes", ShowCodesAction.class);
ac.addConsequence(ShowCodesAction.SUCCESS, new Forward("/codes.jsp"));//output forwarded to view
ac.addConsequence(ShowCodesAction.ERROR, new Redirect("/error.jsp"));
ac.addFilter(new OVFilter("USER"));

On codes.jsp I put this:

<%-- I don't need the mtw:bean if I have a VOFilter but do need it
if no VOFilter is used --%>
<%-- <mtw:bean value="USER"> --%>
Name: <mtw:out value="firstName"/> <mtw:out value="lastName"/><br>
<mtw:list value="accounts">
List of Accounts:<br>
<mtw:isEmpty>You have no accounts</mtw:isEmpty>
Account Number:<mtw:out value="accountNum"/><br>
Account Balance:<mtw:out value="balance"/><br>
<%-- </mtw:bean> --%>

I get this output:

Name: John Doe
List of Accounts:
Account Number:2
Account Balance:$200.00
Account Number:2
Account Balance:$200.00

I haven't been using OVFilter. I just use the <mtw:bean> instead.
If you use OVFilter you don't need the <mtw:bean> lines.

Hope this helps. Compare to your code and let me know if
you are doing anything different! Rick

Went to download a copy of the API zip file and got an error. Might have been my connection or the file may be corrupted...thanks, Rick
Has anyone tried to hook displaytag's i18n to mentawai? I'm using the standard mentawai i18n support with good results. I tried to use the standard displaytag i18n using titleKey but it isn't working. I'd rather tie it to mentawai if possible anyway. Thanks, Rick
I noticed that I can access some of the Mentawai files directly because
by default they are directly below the document root.

For example, I have the message file master_en_US.i18n in /messages
under the document root to store some dynamic messages.

I can access this file directly with http://appURL/appname/messages/master_en_US.i18n

Can anyone think of a reason this might be an problem for an
application to have these files exposed?

Thanks! Rick
I agree I could hardcode URLs in my JSPs. In playing with different
options looked like hardcoding URLs in the Redirects in ActionManager.java
would not be a good idea.

I think I'll just go with either all SSL or non-SSL for now.

The debug mode is very helpful!

Right now I'm trying to create a web application framework using
Mentawai which we will then use as a base to create a group of
very similar applications for our clients.
My apologies if this is in the docs and I can't find it...
I am using Apache Tomcat. In the web.xml I can use transport-guarantee
to force the container to switch to SSL(https). I can force this for
certain pages I define.

But once I am switched to SSL I have no way to get back to http.

It is very easy for a mentawai app to be http all the time or https all the
time, but I can't figure out how to have certain pages (login or payment
pages, for example) in ssl/https and have the other pages automatically
go to http.

I noticed that struts now has an extension to do this as they apparently
faced the same problem.

I could hardcode full URLs in the app to get what I want but would prefer not to.

Could mentawai use an optional filter to check all forward/redirects, forcing
them all to http except for pre-registered pages which would be forced to

Again, my apologies if this is covered in the documentation and I haven't
found it yet! Thanks, Rick Quade
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